To be able to tuck a young girl in, a clever dog and cat team teach her to “go to bed.”

The sweet little girl Penny adores her dogs, Raven and Woodhouse. Since Penny was a little infant, the dog and cat have been together, guarding the youngster as if she were their own.

The closest bond the trio has ever developed, especially when it comes to daily routines, is what I find most astonishing about their friendship. Little Penny learned from Raven the dog and Woodhouse the cat when it was time for bed.

The well-known friends have an Instagram account where their followers may follow their daily exploits. When Penny needs to take a sleep, the dog and cat assist in guiding her to her cot.

When it’s time to get up, the fantastic trio immediately gets to work playing in the yard, cuddling on the bed, and even watching the young girl while she eats cookies and snacks. Christina, their mother, who is 30 years old, said she is always willing to take adorable pictures of the dog, cat, and child.

When Penny’s mother is cooking dinner, she enjoys sitting next to her, and Raven is never far behind, watching for scraps or poop. The dog and cat were already in love when Penny arrived. It made sense for the family to expand by welcoming a priceless young child.

When the child was a baby, Woodhouse was immediately intrigued by her and closely protected her. Raven made sure to participate and assist Penny in maturing after noticing his feline pal.

Little Penny may sometimes place all of her plastic blocks and toys around the cat as it curls up in a plastic tote. He appears unconcerned as he happily accepts all of the affection and attention.

A youngster who has a positive relationship with their pet can learn nonverbal communication, empathy, and compassion, according to AACAP. Watch the video below to see these three cuties.

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