Vet refuses to put deaf and blind puppy to sleep after owners ask to have her put down

A vet refused to put a puppy to sleep after the owners asked for her to be put down on the basis that she was deaf and blind.

When the pooch’s former owners arrived at the vets and asked for the little one to be put to sleep, thankfully, the vet realised that little Aster Rose – a merle Australian shepherd – could still have a fun-filled life.

Not only did he refuse to put the puppy to sleep, but also reached out to a number of rescue centres to ensure that someone could take her in.

After arriving at the rescue centre, soon, Aster found her forever person – Krysten Harper, 30, from Alabama, US. Krysten had also previously adopted miniature Australian shepherd Little Buddy – who is also disabled.

“Aster is a very confident little girl who loves meeting new people and dogs. She assumes that everybody, whether human or animal, is simply a new friend to be made,” Krysten told The Mirror.

“She may not be able to see, but that doesn’t mean she can’t find the sunniest part of the yard and stick her snoot in the air to feel the warmth.

“Aster is so happy, full of life and anybody who meets her instantly falls in love with her. Blind and deaf dogs can live amazing lives and feeling bad for them only further perpetuates the myth that they are ‘less than’.”

Krysten explained that due to Aster being deaf and blind, they have to communicate with touch. A hand on her chest means stop and a nose boop is her sign for doing a good job.

Krysten had already adopted Little Buddy a couple of months prior and so had experience in looking after pups with additional needs.

Speaking about a promise she made to Little Buddy’s rescuer, that she wouldn’t treat him differently to other dogs, Krysten added: “She said to me, ‘This is his normal. He’s as happy as any dog here because this is all he’s ever known. Feeling bad for him doesn’t help anybody and you two have the chance to be advocates for other blind and deaf dogs who still need homes’.”

Aster and Little Buddy now have the most beautiful bond, with Krysten explaining to GeoBeats Animals: “Their bond is truly the older sister younger sister dynamic. She loves him, she thinks he is the most perfect dog in the entire world.”

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