Finally able to live in the real world is “Bubble Puppy”

Baby Sally was in horrible shape when Kathryn, a vet tech, first saw her. She received the dog from a breeder who was unable to care for her any longer. Sally had pneumonia and was having breathing problems. “Blue,” the vet tech described her as.

Sally claimed that despite her disabilities, she just wanted to be a typical puppy. She frequently used her hands to demonstrate actions for her caregivers, such as kissing the bubble’s wall and peeping out. Although the puppy’s anatomy would not allow her, she yearned to play and live like any other dog.

Kathryn persevered in her pursuit of the wild dog.

Sally was fine, but Kathryn decided to put her back in the bubble for safety’s protection. Before she could even lock the oxygen cell door, Sally managed to escape. She made it abundantly apparent that day that she didn’t want to be there.

After receiving the all-clear, Bonnie, one of Kathryn’s coworkers, adopted the puppy. Bonnie was also present as Sally recovered. She was quickly accepted by her new family and the canine children.
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