Every day, an elderly dog grabs the leash to visit his elderly neighbor.

Cheddar, a senior dog, will grab his leash and begin to move to signal to his owners that he wants to go for a walk and visit his neighbor Jean. ❤️

For eight years, Cheddar the Golden Retriever lived a typical dog existence. He was raised by a loving family that lavished him with gifts.

But when one of his owners received a cancer diagnosis, everything changed. As a result, Cheddar was given up for adoption because the family no longer had the time or finances to take good care of him.

But it wouldn’t take him long to find a new, permanent residence.

Cheddar saw something while strolling through the neighborhood after moving into his new house.

Cheddar immediately warmed up to the woman as the pair pulled over to say hi to their senior neighbor.

The Golden Retriever and Jean are now inseparable best friends! Every day, the dog begs to see her and even acts out when he can’t.

To signal to his owners that he wants to go on a walk and see Jean, Cheddar will grip his leash and begin to move.

The dog will pull on the leash towards the direction of Jean’s house if they choose a different route! Cheddar and Jean have an unsaid bond for whatever reason. However, love is self-explanatory!

Check out the video below to see their tale.


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