Dog guides rescuer to the litter box for the kittens and decides to be their father

Aragon, a rescue dog, frequently went for walks with her fur mom in the area where she lived in the Greek mountains.

They frequently discovered bare cardboard cartons as well. Since these little organisms have no defenses against predators, the boxes were empty. Fortunately, Aragon discovered a litter of living kittens during one of their walks.

As a volunteer for the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), Aragon’s fur-mom is well aware of the dire need for assistance for these young animals. She intended to produce a movie demonstrating how disturbing it is that these creatures were abandoned on the mountain.

She brought a camcorder with her so she could record some of their stroll for her film. Aragon surprisingly pulled her mother out and discovered a litter of kittens within. She had expected to capture a couple litters or even empty boxes once more.

The kittens were saved after they had endured enough. Aragon started taking care of the kittens right away when they brought them home. He would see to it that they had all they required.

Aragon gave the kittens more love and care than anyone else, despite the fact that SCARS and a veterinarian both examined and cared for them.

With the kittens, Aragon would play and give them hugs. He treated them with the same respect a father would.

He protected and loved the adorable kitties. See more videos of Aragon with the cats here:

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