Dog is broken after his adoption fails, so he spends the day staring at a wall.

He was returned by a family after they said they would adopt him because he wasn’t “playful” enough. His heart was broken, and he disconnected.

The homeless bulldog was a kind and content man when he was initially rescued from the streets in March. The Philadelphia asylum staff was confident that this charming and well-behaved kid would soon find his perfect home. But in March, the house swiftly turned into a nightmare.

March was devastated to find that the adoptive family ultimately decided against keeping him and returned him to the shelter. March looked disheartened and down after finding himself back in his freezing doghouse. He was curled up in a corner, staring pitifully at the wall, and not talking to anyone.

Watch how March’s image of a depressed dog saved him when he was too depressed to face the world by clicking on the video below.


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