The dog with no bones amazes everyone with his beauty and incredible fortitude

Valia Orfanidou is one of those wingless angels who transformed the lives of the most defenseless little animals, giving them the chance that many people see as pain or death. Valia volunteers at shelters in and around Athens, Greece, so assisting various rescue groups in keeping the furry pups safe is part of her daily job, fancy4work writes

They found the abandoned puppy thanks to a photo taken at a train station.

He came across a puppy with a fragile and undead body that was only covered by a layer of plastic-filled skin and a few tufts of fur one day. In Valia’s opinion, he is the saddest little dog on the planet. Driven by her passion, she decides to ask for his assistance, so she contacts a friend and a team to go rescue him.

Everyone was eager to find the frail puppy in the photograph.

The puppy is about 70 kilometers from his hometown. Valia and the rescue team were very excited, but when they arrived, they discovered the puppy’s condition was pitiful, and all they could do was help it or let it die in peace.

Scabies is an ectoparasite that is found all over the world.

They decided to take him to the vet together, and to everyone’s surprise, the doctor told them the puppy could recover. They did not hesitate to begin the long process of recovery and christened the puppy Billy. The fragile puppy sleeps and eats little the first few days, enjoying his new and cozy bed.

Valia took the puppy home to give it more attention.

Valia’s patience and devotion help her gradually change her appearance. Despite the fact that he has helped many puppies, he has never witnessed a step-by-step transformation that is not a miracle.

Billy appeared to be just another puppy after two months.

That lump of bones and mange was transformed into a healthy and beautiful puppy in a matter of months, his mange was completely cured, and his hair began to grow all over his skin. Before that group of rescuers who bet on his life, he seemed unrecognizable. Billy was given up for adoption after he recovered from his injuries.

Many abandoned puppies are in desperate need of a little angel to save them.

Billy was adopted by a Greek woman who lived in Switzerland, without a doubt, it was very difficult for Valia to say goodbye to her little great miracle, but she was happy to have saved his life, now he is certain that he is a healthy puppy who fills every corner of his new home with joy.

Emma is her new owner, and she keeps in touch with Valia via Skype.


Billy was fortunate to meet wonderful people who gave him a second chance. Let us remember that it is the small actions that make the biggest difference; let us motivate ourselves to make small acts of love for abandoned puppies; they will know how to thank us.

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