Worst Embedded Collar They Have Ever Seen Helps Rescuers Save Dog

When Stray Rescue of St. Louis saw a dog escape inside an abandoned house wearing a hazardous implanted collar, they realized they had to save her.


She was with another dog, a blue Pit Bull, who seemed anxious as rescuers approached and seemed worried about her companion.

The injured dog was reported to Stray Rescue of St. Louis after being observed running down the street.

On their website, they stated that the dogs were “lived” in a hazardous neighborhood where numerous murders had just occurred. As a result, they “were living” there, and they had every reason to be terrified.

After securing the pit bull, they went down to the basement to look for the dog wearing the imbedded collar. Given that it was winter and the residents of the abandoned house had long since fled, the interior was bitterly chilly. They saw the dog they were there to save at that point.

They were shocked to find a gigantic Rottweiler dog lounging on a nearby couch, though. In order to properly rescue the seriously injured dog, Seska, rescuers decided it would be better to separate the two canines.

They could tell that she was in tremendous pain as a result of the metal chain being inserted, which had left a large incision around her neck. She felt discomfort whenever she moved.

The imbedded collar was the worst they had ever seen. They requested additional help to rescue Seska since they didn’t want to inflict any more suffering on her.

If you do not want to see Seska getting unchained in Stray Rescue’s trauma center, skip 5:20–7:22.

The Rottie, on the other hand, proved to be a kind man who could be led away from the bitterly cold house and into a happier existence.


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