After removing his missing dog from a fox hole, the man sobbed.

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience for a pet lover, and they will do whatever in their power to keep their cherished animals close by and secure.

Alan Whitton, a life coach from Essex who is 49 years old, has always had a strong bond with his animals. He was heartbroken when he lost his previous pet, Tinker, but his Jack Russell, Mitzi, helped him get through his sorrow, and the two of them quickly grew close.

According to Alan, who spoke to Essex Live, “I call her my business partner because she is always with me, by my side.”

But tragedy struck once more when Mitzi, a 1-year-old, started to flee from another dog that was pursuing her as Alan and she were strolling through a park. The unfortunate man spent the entire day searching for his beloved dog, but he had no luck; it appeared that the dog had vanished without a trace.

The distraught father had to leave as night fell so that he could return the next morning and go on the hunt with his wife and children.

Alan responded, “I didn’t want to go home without her. But we had to because it was late.

It was a very cold night, and he couldn’t sleep because he was afraid about his dog. I believed she was going to pass away.

He kept looking but had no luck, so he decided to place missing posters all over the neighborhood in the hopes that someone would come forward and help him.

Alan got a call from a dog walker when all hope seemed lost telling him that her dog kept sniffing around a fox hole.

Alan entered the area while pleading for a miracle and heard his Mitzi’s whimpering emanating from the pit.

People from the outside arrived to assist the man in recovering his dog: “I needed shovels, the lady who called me generously offered me one and I started digging,” Alan added. It was fantastic when individuals began to show up to lend a hand.

The townspeople are overjoyed to see this emotional reunion, and the greatest part is that the dog wasn’t physically harmed. Alan finds Mitzi and struggles to hold her but succeeds in pulling her out. He then breaks down sobbing and hugs her.

According to Alan, who spoke to Essex Live, “I simply broke down. I was filled with excitement and surprise, and I had started to lose hope.” “It seemed like a Christmas miracle, but it also felt like a nightmare from which I couldn’t escape.



Since he is a life therapy coach, Alan promised to give everyone who assisted him in locating the dog a free session as a token of his appreciation.


When we cooperate, we can accomplish so much, he remarked. “It has actually given me newfound hope in people.

We’re overjoyed for this good man.


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