Dog waits each day for his deceased owner, a fisherman.

People all over the world have been drawn in by a beautiful story about a dog. Every day the dog goes to the beach to wait for his fishermen owner.

A Peruvian woman recounted the tale of a dog by the name of Vaguito after she saw the canine staring into the endless sea while she was strolling along the coast in Punta Negra, a district of Lima Province.

Jolie continued to pet the puppy because she thought his owner would return for him because the dog appeared to be well-fed and clean. But then a stranger who was passing by told her the tragic tale of the loving creature.

Everyone in the area, the man assured Jolie, is aware of Vaguito and his tale. His previous owner was a fisherman who went out to sea one day and never returned. The dog was always by his side and went wherever with him. He said his owner farewell one day and disappeared into the water, never to return because his owner had passed away.

Vagutio now resides with a woman who takes excellent care of him, but he still visits this location each day to wait for the fisherman to come back.

In a Facebook post about Vagutio, Jolie explained his backstory. The post quickly gained popularity because many were moved by the animal’s steadfast commitment and unwavering love for his owner.

In her article, Jolie said, “He informed us that the dog had lived with a fisherman who passed away some time ago, and that ever since, he has been here every day and gazed at the sea, hoping for him to come back.”

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