Dog found in time after nearly freezing in the snow.

An abandoned dog with an enigmatic past is fortunate to be alive after being discovered almost frozen in heavy snow.


In Manitoba, a motorist on the Trans Canada Highway saw something and pulled over to investigate. They realized it was a dog when they got closer to the beige pile in the snow.


The volunteer-run animal rescue Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue posted on Facebook that the dog appeared to have been huddled in the snow for some time based on the amount of urine present.

They called her Riley, and she was too frightened and cold to move. In addition to being covered in snow, her fur also had unpleasant mats and dreadlocks.


She wasn’t able to walk since she was too cold, sore, or afraid, so her rescuers had to drag her out on a tarp because it wasn’t simple to do so in the deep snow.

Although they were up to their waists in snow, the gang of rescuers heaved and pulled Riley in the tarp.

Riley hadn’t been spayed, microchipped, or tattooed, but when they took her back to the vet, they discovered that she had given birth to puppies.

She has a very nice disposition and seems to be a Golden doodle. likewise has a very lovely nature.

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