Screaming in agony with his ear almost severed, the homeless dog

Thank you to the firefighters that kept this puppy alive. superb work

13-year-old When Boo went for a walk on an icy pond and ended up going through, he was having a really awful day.


The elderly dog was struggling in the icy water, yet he was still able to scream for assistance.

And thankfully, the courageous members of a local Delaware police department were prepared to rescue him and get him to safety.

After his chilly encounter, Boo was hurried to the veterinarian right away. To the relief of his family, this fortunate dog received a clean bill of health while there.

It goes without saying that the next time Boo is at the pond, his family will be extra watchful.


But considering his ordeal, we wouldn’t be shocked if it took Boo some time to muster the bravery to approach the pond’s edge once more.

The dramatic rescue of Boo can be seen in the video footage below:


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