A small Chihuahua was rescued from the trash and is now in good hands.

On October 27, a worker at Santa Rosa Junior College discovered a two-pound injured puppy abandoned in a parking lot close to the institution. The tiny Chihuahua was in terrible pain since its front legs were damaged.

Thankfully, the adorable puppy was transferred to the Sonoma County Animal Services for treatment, where two pink casts were placed on her legs. The Chihuahua, now known as Darla, was only 14 weeks old and weighed only 2 pounds. She had surgery to fix her legs, and the prognosis was for complete recovery.

According to Dr. Dan Famini, who posted her tale online, the good news was that she was fostered to continue her recovery and would be ready for adoption once she had fully recovered. What a joyful conclusion! See the video down below.



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