Senior Dog Nearing The End Wipes Away Her Best Friend’s Tears

This adorable little puppy named Simba has been responsible for cheering up his beloved partner, Mya Monay Davis, every day for the past 19 years. They have never been able to be separated.

Mya stated to The Dodo:

“I’ve known Simba since we first met, and we’re close. I wouldn’t have preferred to have had a different dog as my childhood closest buddy.”

Sadly, as is the truth of life after spending so much time together, tiny Simba’s light is now fading, despite the fact that the love in his heart has never shined brighter.

Simba’s aging body has slowed down as a result of his ongoing health issues. It had recently felt as though she was truly nearing the end of her life. Mya was saddened by the idea that she would have to “put Simba to sleep” in order to put an end to her pain.

Every time spent with the dog was now much more special, just as this touching scene she caught on camera.

Mya stated

“I had my closest friend’s death in mind. She was reassuring him to release go while they were both sprawled out on the ground. I was advised by a veterinarian to put him to sleep, but I didn’t want to do that, especially if the moment wasn’t right. I broke down in tears while I was telling him he will be alright during the talk.

At that moment, Simba did something remarkable yet incredibly indicative of his kind nature.

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