Maggie is currently making progress and has acquired the title of therapy dog.

She who was shot 17 times, had her ear cut off, was pregnant, and was blind is now making improvement and has become a therapy dog.

She was mistreated, which makes me happy that she is now.

The dog was five years old iո Lebaոoո.. Uոfortuոately, she had a broken jaw, cut ears, and eyeballs that protruded from her head. When the puppy was found, she [fasted] to a carto all aloe and was expecting a kid.

Fortunately, the story does not end here.

A Wild Heart A person who loves animals moved the poor canine to a home in Brighto after Foudatio learned about her. Kasey is the same as that person. The puppy is now employed as a therapy dog. Maggie is a straightforward dog, behaving normally despite the fact that the investigation involves health-related issues.
The dog’s owner claimed that it is well-trained and noble. She is quite animated and playful. She never follows her ower. Maggie simply spreads love and care, and fortunately, she is content and leads an ideal existence.

A remarkable puppy with unmatched strength, courage, and the determination to live… Such an inspiration for all of us! Such tenacity demonstrating to everyone that she would never give up—ever—until the good Lord is prepared to receive her! Thank you for saving her and ensuring that she would be taken care of. May she lead a happy and cherished life. God had another plan for this child, and it appears that she is on the right track to realize it! I’m very grateful that she was saved and is loved. God be with her!

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