Woman Hears Crying And Finds The Smallest Puppy Tied To A Tree Near A Swamp

In the many acres of swampland that surround her house, Zebulon, North Carolina resident Jessica Clayborn is accustomed to hearing all types of noises. Normally, she ignores noisy creatures, but on Tuesday, she overheard something that caused her to halt everything.

Jessica could hear little cries coming from the bushes as she hung her laundry to dry in her front yard. She made the decision to pursue the peculiar cries, pushing into the murky marsh, till she came across a little cub left on a dot of dry land.

The tiny puppy, now known as Nash, was attempting to free himself from the rope that was severing his neck while being tethered to a tree. Jessica walked through knee-deep muck because she knew there was no going back.

To the Wake County SPCA, Jessica reported:

“He couldn’t possibly have navigated the muck on his own and wound up thus entangled on a tree. I just about got through the muck.”

Jessica may have been prey to the bobcats and wild coyotes that prowl the region if she hadn’t heard the small dog’s cries.

She uttered:

It most likely would have been a lunch for someone.

Nash received a wash by Jessica when she got home, who took extra care of him because he was extremely feeble. Even worse, she discovered worms in his ears when she was washing him.

Jennifer stated:

“Head to toe, he was entirely covered. In his fur, there were. They were all there, and he had incredibly thick skin. He had to massage vigorously to get everything out, and it was discovered that everything had come from the incision on his neck.

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