This little dog has perfected the art of begging.

One of the behaviors that every dog owner has experienced at least once is a dog begging for food. Given that dogs aren’t bashful about their love of food, it’s simple to understand.

They will practice their begging whenever they see or smell food close by.

They exert every effort to obtain a portion of whatever tasty food you have piled high on your plate. They typically succeed in getting some since no one can resist their cute and funny little faces when pleading for food.

Meet Lulu, the puppy who understands just how to use all of her arsenal of tricks to obtain some food from her dad’s plate. She concentrates on her father’s fork as it moves from his plate to his lips while he is eating a dish of food.

She cradles him at that point and begs for food. “When it comes to begging for food, Lulu is an expert. Her dad claimed that her method is 100 percent effective.

To view the adorable video, scroll down below! She is a master beggar, so it makes sense!

Dogs are frequently experts at pleading for food. Even getting what they want doesn’t make them feel guilty. You must therefore have a steel heart to fight them. However, because they are so adorable, nobody actually wants to do it.

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