Dog That Can’t Rouse Baby Wails At Strangers, Woman Stopped To Separate Them

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. This story is proof that the bond between a mother and her child cannot be broken. A stray mama dog had lost all her puppies but one. The puppy had become her whole world. She had enough challenges living on the streets but then the unthinkable happened, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A new shop owner moved into the neighborhood. When he saw the stray dogs in front of his store, he lashed out. He wanted them to go away and didn’t care one bit about their welfare. He brutalized the puppy, right in front of her mother, and then walked away.

For hours, the mama dog cried and tried to rouse her baby. The puppy seemed lifeless but she was clinging on, fighting to survive. People passed by and did nothing. Finally, a kind woman called a rescue group and asked for them to come immediately. They agreed.

Due to limited resources, the rescuers were only able to save the puppy first. They put her into a crate and headed straight to the vet clinic. The vet gave them devastating news. Not only was the puppy beaten but she was also poisoned. But they weren’t going to spare anything to save her life. Within a short time, the puppy was eating from a bottle and was very chatty. How amazing is that?!


The rescuers treated the puppy for ticks next. She was covered in them! Next, she needed to be treated for anemia from the ticks and dehydration. At just three weeks of age, the IV was nearly too big for her but she needed it so badly! Even though the pup was so young and separated from her mama, she was so brave!

Amazingly, only 24 hours later, the puppy is strong enough to eat on her own. Everyone is elated. Now it is time to go save her mom. The rescuers go back to the same area and find her but she keeps running from them. Thankfully, when they place down some food, Mama is too hungry to stay away. They then pick her up and bring her to her baby!


Mom needs a thorough checkup and a good bath before she and her baby can be reunited. To say their reunion is the most heartwarming thing you’ll see all day is an understatement! The incredible rescue and beautiful reunion can’t be missed. Check it out in the video below.


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