Fearful stray dog, too frail to to stand, waits for assistance

There are millions of puppies in need of rescue, and it always makes us happy to read stories like these about how an abandoned, helpless puppy is given the care and attention he needs, taking one fewer puppy out of harm’s way each day.

Tarzan, a pit bull mix with a distinctive name, lived in the Los Angeles region. He was frequently spotted close to a major roadway.

He survived thanks to the kindness of kindhearted individuals who made sure to leave him food whenever they passed by.

An worried kind-hearted lady who used to deliver food to Tarzan called the animal rescue center one day, saying the dog’s condition was becoming worse by the day and he was losing strength. Obviously, the center took urgent action to go and help poor Tarzan out.

When Tarzan was brought to the center, he had no idea what a lovely breeze of change was in store for him. His desire for love and attention was instantly apparent as he stood still as volunteers petted his head, and he eagerly embraced each warm sensation they offered him.


I hope he is able to find the permanent home he deserves!

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