Dog who was abandoned can’t stop thanking the doctor for saving his life

Dogs are incredibly kind and readily express their gratitude.

Dogs are incredibly affectionate toward people and will do anything for them, including giving them snacks or taking them for walks.

We can all picture how a dog might express gratitude to someone who had saved their life.

A small puppy named Sweet Smokey was rescued from a bush fire that broke out at a homeless camp.

The poor animal was terribly burned and was sent to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialist clinic for treatment. There, he received the medical attention he required, and the nice canine wouldn’t soon forget this kindness.

The dog was incredibly grateful to everyone who helped him get through his challenging moments, but he had a soft spot in particular for Dr. Latimer and the nurses who assisted him the most.

In a cute video, the polite dog is shown hugging the doctor and showering him with dog kisses in appreciation.

We are overjoyed that Smokey is now secure.

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