After catching a whiff of his military mother’s scent, the dog recognized her.

Being in the military requires Janna Berger to frequently travel for extended periods of time. Although she is committed to her work, it is never easy for her to leave her cherished puppy behind.

This time, her dog Murphy stayed with her family while she was gone for eight hard months.

She wanted to surprise Murphy when she eventually got home, but she was worried he wouldn’t recognize her.

Once there, she waited in the driveway until a member of the household let Murphy out. He first didn’t recognize it was his mother and started escaping.

He moved toward his companion and started sniffing her slowly but surely. He finally recognized her when he got a good smell of her scent, and his expression was amazing!

Murphy is so ecstatic that he is unable to control his happiness. He loses all control and starts racing around and leaping on his mother.

It’s reasonable to say that both Murphy and his mother missed each other a lot.


Don’t forget the tissues as you see their touching reunion in the video down below!

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