A homeless man enters a blazing animal shelter in an effort to save all 16 animals

When he saw an Atlanta animal shelter on fire, a homeless guy risked everything to enter the burning structure and save the six dogs and ten cats that were inside.


For saving the creatures who were locked inside with their time running out, Keith Walker is today heralded as a hero.

I was definitely afraid to go in there with all that smoke, said 53-year-old Keith. God, however, sent me there to help those animals.

The W-Underdogs shelter’s kitchen caught fire, partially destroying but rendering uninhabitable the structure. Fortunately, they had a week to prepare to move into their new location in Atlanta.

Gracie Hamlin, the founder of W-Underdogs, is acquainted with Keith Walker since Walker owns a pit bull named Bravo and allows him to spend each night in the shelter.

Keith was able to spot the flames and spare the animals’ lives since he was en route to the shelter to pick up Bravo.


“He is my hero,” Gracie stated.

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