A faithful dog travels 125 miles to return to her owner after being rejected.

With tears in her eyes, a devoted Bullmastiff dog named Maru went 125 kilometers to return home to her owner who had rejected her. All of this occurred when Maru was just a year old.

To return her to the kennel in Novosibirsk where she was born, her owner boarded the Trans-Siberian train. Maru’s owner claimed she was allergic to the dog and no longer wanted to maintain Maru.

However, things didn’t go as planned since Maru was able to jump off the train and attempt to return home. Maru allegedly used her paws to open the compartment door and then left when the train came to a stop at a rural station close to Achinsk, according to witnesses and train personnel.

They made many unsuccessful attempts to apprehend her and reboard the train. She fled into the muddy Siberian woodland after leaping out like a bullet.

She walked into the forests of Siberia, dodging wolves and bears as she frantically tried to get home. She persisted despite the danger of the trek and her injuries.

Her main thought was about returning to her owner. Sadly, she was unaware that she was no longer welcome there.

The kennel owner, Alla Morozova, began a search for Maru as soon as she discovered what had happened. Thankfully, Maru was located at an industrial park close to her old owner’s house after almost three days of searching. She was starving, thirsty, and worn out.

Fortunately, neither wolves nor bears tried to eat her. She was worn out. Her paws were broken, and she was crippled. She had worn out the padding on her feet. She has a fractured muzzle, Morozova remarked to The Siberian Times.

Later, she was brought to the kennels in Novosibirsk, where she met up with her parents once more.

If Maru had not been hurt, according to Morozova, she could have been able to return home. She was incensed that Maru’s previous owner didn’t express any concern for her. Despite the fact that they were the ones who first put her in danger, they chose not to participate in the search.

We are relieved to learn that Maru is now secure and healthy, after all. Her destiny has not yet been decided, but we are confident that she will get the forever home she deserves.

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