The owner’s emotional reaction when, three years later, he finds his missing dog in the street

A man and his lost dog have been unexpectedly reunited in a highly emotional event.

The owner searched for his animal friend for more than three years and never gave up. Fortunately, faith grinned at him, and they finally got back together!

Since Jorge was a little puppy, Giorgi Bereziani of Tbilisi, Georgia, and the dog have been inseparable.

Unfortunately, the devoted dog got lost one day, and despite the owner’s best efforts to track him down, it appeared as though he had vanished.

Days came into weeks, and weeks into months. Jorge was no longer in sight, but Giorgi never gave up hope and continued to hunt for him.

Giorgi plastered leaflets all over the streets of Tbilisi and continued his search for Jorge for three years.

His efforts eventually paid off, and the two got back together. It was captured on camera, and it is really heartwarming.

Giorgi received a phone call from a member of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi informing him that he had seen a dog that matched Jorge’s description. Hoping it was real, the guy hurried to the location. Fortunately, the man was accurate.

The 62-year-old guy told THE DODO, “We searched for three years.” Then we discovered him!

Both of them experienced intense emotions when they were reunited. The poor dog quickly panicked when he realized the stranger approaching him was indeed his old friend.

His tail was wagging wildly as he welcomed his owner because Giorgi couldn’t believe he had finally found his dearest friend.

See the heartwarming reunion here:

Nobody is sure of Jorge’s whereabouts throughout the past three years, but based on the yellow tag hanging from his ear, the animal control authorities must have found him there.

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