The internet is in love with 2-month-old triplets after seeing a video of a dog gently kissing them.

The cutest thing you will ever see on the internet may be this video. It was so adorable that it made us melt, and now it’s your chance.

The video showed three adorable babies peacefully dozing on the couch. They were all it took to win our hearts and take over the Internet—just by gazing at them.

The moment the dog began to approach them, though, things really heated up. She gave the infants a delicate, gentle nudge before giving them each a kiss as if they were her own puppies.

Her endearing behavior demonstrated that dogs also possess a maternal instinct. She was careful not to damage them because she was aware of their vulnerability. She played the role of a babysitter, making sure nobody disturbed them.

Dogs “affect social, emotional, and cognitive development in youngsters, promote an active lifestyle, and provide companionship,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s understandable why a dog is referred to as “man’s best friend”—in this case, “kids’ best friend.”

View the endearing video here:

The touching video has already earned 1.7 million internet views and numerous supportive comments.

This is how viewers responded to the video:

“OMG people have litters too?,” the dog exclaims. LOL, that’s too cute.

“A litter has three puppies! Not too awful for a person.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that watching animal videos of domesticated animals like cats and dogs can improve mood and relieve stress. To make your friends and family’s day better, please forward this movie to them.

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