Her own mother attempted to kill her. But luckily, this heroic two-legged dog was saved in time.

When Faith was just three weeks old, her mother attempted to suffocate her to death due to the deformities in her two front legs.


However, Faith was saved just in time by Ruben Stringfellow, a good-hearted young man, who took Faith home to his mother.

After Faith was given to Jude by Ruben, the little dog was taken to the doctor, who advised euthanasia. Jude declined.

Faith was able to get past her handicap.

and grew into a lovely inspiration. Faith excels at consoling hospitalized youngsters who are ill.

Jude is pictured with Faith.

Watch Faith’s incredible story. You just might need a tissue.

Share Faith’s story to encourage others to save animals that could otherwise go unnoticed by people searching for the “ideal” companion. Because Faith is actually perfect just the way she is.

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