Dog waits outside house for weeks not realising owners abandoned him

Featured Image Credit: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

This one is a tearjerker, so be prepared. A loyal dog waited outside his owners’ house for weeks, not knowing he had been abandoned.

Salvatore spent two weeks waiting outside the property in Florida, thinking that his owners would return. But they never did.

After spotting the poor pooch, neighbours became concerned and got in touch with a local animal shelter.

He was eventually picked up by staff at Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, and taken in to be looked after.

According to the rescue centre, Salvatore, who is said to be about six years old, was the perfect pet, and was great with his family’s children.

A spokesperson for the shelter said: “Salvatore was left behind when his family moved away. He waited by his house, believing they would come back for him.

“Neighbours told us he was a good family pet, especially with their two children.

“Aside from the sadness in his eyes, Salvatore is a handsome dog. An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.

“Salvatore was very nervous but not aggressive when he was finally brought to the rescue.

“It took a lot of patience, love, and dedication to get this dog to understand that we were there to help him. Sadly he was still holding out for his family. His family let him down. We will not.”

However, after staff at Everglades Angels shared Salvatore’s heartbreaking story to its Facebook page, the little guy quickly built up a huge following, with people keen to know more about his story.

And after spending two months with the rescue centre, Salvatore eventually found his forever home.

In a post to its Facebook page, a spokesperson for Everglades Angels Dog Rescue said: “Handsome Salvatore has found his FURever home.

“For those of you that have been following his story, this sweet boy was left alone in the yard of his former home when his prior owners decided to move away and leave Salvatore behind.

“Salvatore waited for weeks for his family, but they never showed. Now, Salvatore has an amazing family to call his own, one that will never abandon or discard him.

“Thank you Chris for opening up your heart and home for this sweet boy. Special thanks to Gloria Cabal for her efforts in getting Salvatore to us. We appreciate you!”

And, unsurprisingly, people who followed his story were over the moon with the news.

“Lucky man. Lucky dog. Happy tails,” wrote one.

While another added: “Hooray for Salvatore! Thank you, Chris! Enjoy your new BFF!”

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