A woman finds a newborn human baby hidden between a litter of stray dogs after hearing crying.

A stray dog from Buenos Aires, Argentina named Way has a kind heart. The street dog was doing everything in her might to care for her recently-born brood of puppies when she spotted another person in need of assistance.

Way had always been able to make it on the streets, but she now had a large family and searched the area for any food she could find. She had to get moving because it was winter in Argentina.


At that point, Way discovered a newborn human infant that had obviously been left by its mother in an alley. The dog’s maternal instincts began to take over, and she realized the infant required warmth. Way then hurried back to her litter of puppies and carried each individual animal to the infant’s side. She then did her best to encircle the group with her body.


Alejandria Griffin, a local, heard the baby’s cries the following morning. She was astonished by what she discovered when she walked outside to investigate. An abandoned infant was taken in by a stray dog and raised as her own. She requested assistance from the cops right away.


The infant, who has since been given the name Santino, was hurried to the emergency room. Alejandria related the tale of the stray, and the physicians firmly believe that the infant would have died if it weren’t for the heroic deeds of the dog. Way was praised and honored.

For all he had been through, Santino was in surprisingly good form, and much of that was because of the exceptional care Way had given.


The mother of the infant, a 33-year-old Buenos Aires woman who already had eight other children, was eventually located by police. She was detained and accused of leaving her infant behind.

Way and her children were taken in by a nearby shelter, where they would be looked after until they could find permanent homes. What an amazing story all around!



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